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Hi, I’m Beth:

an artist/designer/maker driven by a love of

🌊 🏔 🏄‍♀️ 🚲

to use 🎨 to protect our 🌍

I grew up in the wilds of Wales, UK & went on to study Illustration in Bristol. I’m now a freelance creative, favouring projects driving positive environmental change.

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@beeinthebig on instagram.

Why  “BeeintheBig” ?

Because 🐝s are awesome. They have an energetic buzz, working diligently for the good of their hive and the ecosystem. They harvest good stuff from nature and turn it into something sweet that has the power to nurture and heal, whilst also helping out the flowers they took it from 🌸. They’re tiny creatures in a big universe, but their place in it is a worthwhile contribution to the bigger picture. I aspire to be bee-like.

I’m a member of 1% for the Planet, which means I’ve made a commitment to donate 1% of my total earnings annually to environmental causes.


Land of Stoke & Sheep

T-shirts celebrating adventure in Wales.

Raised in a breathtakingly beautiful, but extremely rural community, the pull of home is in constant play with the drive to head out into the world and be ‘where the action’s happening’.

My sister had been living in Huanchaco, Peru for a year, a place with a buzz and daily awesome surf. When the Welsh hills called her back, I designed her the ‘Land of Stoke and Sheep’ Welsh Surf Spots tee – to highlight the adventures to be had close to home.

The project celebrates blooming where you’re planted, pride in the landscape that raised us & the green patch of paradise we call both playground & home.

We went on to make a version featuring Welsh MTB trails and hotspots.